Wearing the lariat necklace

One of my signature styles, the Lariat necklace, is revitalised with contemporary design cues and materials while retaining its timless ability to transform the drab into the striking.

The lariat evolved from one of the oldest necklace designs: the rope necklace, a design which could be simply and effortlessly worn around the neck. It was not until later however that the rope necklace was made synonymous with the iconic ropes used to capture wild horses of south america and beyond: the lariat.

Without a clasp the pendant of a lariat necklace is also the locking mechanism, creating a pendant which is subtle yet intricate and well suited to being the centerpiece of a minimalist outfit. And although contemporary jewellery design has evolved the lariat necklace in many striking forms, I still strive to retain the essence of simplicity and effortlessness of the original.

So if you are looking for a necklace that is interesting and timeless then the lariat necklace may be the perfect choice.

Omni Stone Lariat Necklace


Made for any outfit in need of a touch of elegance, team the subtle contrasting textures of the Omni Stone Lariat necklace with a monochrome palette for a striking, yet subtle, statement which exudes confidence.

Viola Geometric Lariat Necklace


A bold, playful, statement piece. The Viola Aluminium Lariat Necklace is made to go with casual outfits. The lustrious sheen of the dyed aluminium contrasts well with textures such as denim, while the interchangeable pendant lets you adapt from day to evening wear.

Omni Silver Ball Lariat Necklace


Another adaptable statement piece. The Omni Silver Ball Lariat can take you from day to evening effortlessly. Pair with your favourite black dress or pair of jeans for a laidback, artistic outfit.

As each individual piece is completely handmade, from start to finish, my contemporary lariat necklaces are made to last a lifetime while providing you with a unique example of a timeless design which is instantly wearable.



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