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Helen Swan Designer Jewellery

About Helen

When I began making jewellery it was because I wanted something completely original which couldn’t be found anywhere else. I didn’t want to design to trends, I wanted to create for people. That was over thirty years ago, and I have never stopped designing and making jewellery. Now I am privileged to share my work with people from all over the world and my jewellery is for anyone who appreciates simple, elegant, contemporary design.

Simply Elegant

A client once described my jewellery as “Simply Elegant”

My inspiration comes from the people I meet, places I visit and the experiences I have. I am fascinated by shape and texture; even watching the shifting light in my garden gives me shivers of inspiration. But I’m an engineer at heart: I get excited about overcoming new technical challenges to make a piece that is innovative and true to my client. New materials and new processes keep me motivated and have influenced my designs for over thirty years, helping to create the variety in my jewellery that you find today.

Inside the Studio

My studio is in Glasgow’s west end.

I’m very lucky be in such an inspiring city and have studio space right on my doorstep

Each piece from my original collection is created in my studio.

From the first stroke of pencil to paper, to the last polish of silver, my hands are involved in every part of the process. I work with the best ethically sourced materials from trusted suppliers, build limited batches and create pieces that go beyond the latest trend to truly stand the test of time.

Aside from designing and creating jewellery, I also taught others how to make it. I learned a lot from these years, but what has stayed with me is the need to pass this knowledge on. That is why I continue to create information for you on how to properly care for your jewellery. If you’re interested in going a step further, I also run classes to awaken your creative side.

Helen Swan working in the studio

The Process

Are you ready to treat yourself or your loved one to a special bespoke piece of jewellery?  If so, what to do next:

  • Make an appointment to discuss your jewellery project and its requirements. Using my years of creative experience, we will talk through your initial ideas;
  • If you are stuck for ideas, there are some jewellery pieces in my studio available to try on at your appointment.
  • Sketches will then be drawn up and any special stones sourced 
  • Once you are happy with the design, your jewellery is created to the highest standards in my workshop in Glasgow’s West End
  • Once your jewellery is ready for sizing or collection I will be in touch
  • You will then receive your new piece of jewellery

I welcome ideas big and small and will work within your budget.

Whether you’re planning a surprise proposal, remodelling family treasures or marking a special occassion I will make sure your journey is as memorable as possible


Made to Last

Over the years I have handpicked my methods to help create pieces that last. I believe that a mix of innovation and traditional processes leads to something which is truly special, able to grow with you and gather your memories all in one place.


As everything is made by hand, with thoughtful and thorough processes, I naturally only create in small batches. This gives you something truly original, as well as helping me to reduce waste and our carbon footprint.

Ethical Materials

All of my materials are sourced from suppliers who share my ethical standards. I only use Eco Silver and Fairtrade Gold, while precious stones are part of the Kimberley Process which ensures they are conflict free. All of my suppliers are regularly audited to ensure they maintain these standards while treating their employees with fairness and respect.

Thoughtful Packing

All of my jewellery is packaged to impress, and I make sure that the material is as sustainable and recyclable as possible.


All of my bespoke and commissioned jewellery is made to last using thorough processes, but if something does go wrong then they are guaranteed for life under my fair use policy. That means if anything breaks, then I’ll fix it for you free of charge.

Care for your Jewellery

Nothing is better, or more sustainable, than a cherished piece of jewellery that only gets better with age. That’s why I share my knowledge on how to properly care for your jewellery, to keep it at it’s best for years to come. 


Jewellery Classes

Would you like to explore your creative side and unlock your hidden talents?

The Essential Techniques of Handmade Jewellery is a series of courses uniquely tailored to introduce you to the world of jewellery making.

Create your own wedding day keepsakes, your or your partner’s wedding ring or enjoy a fun way to catch up with friends.
With over 30 years’ experience as a qualified lecturer in Jewellery and Silversmithing, I will share my extensive knowledge while ensuring the emphasis is on fun and affordability.

Whether it’s on my weekly Beginners or Intermediate Classes or on a fun day out, the classes are taught by me in my state of the art, purpose built studio in Glasgow’s West End. I will happily discuss which package is right for you, just get in touch.

For more information about my fun, individual classes or about my weekly sessions, please click below. This will take you to my journal for a more in-depth explanation.

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