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Repurposed Jewellery

Whether you have a treasured piece of jewellery that just doesn’t feel like you, an old staple which you wish to make the most out of again, or an urge to make something completely new from the old; remodelling, redesigning or repurposing is the perfect way to give those treasured pieces of jewellery a new lease of life while making it unique to you.

With your help, we will create a bespoke plan that brings to life the aspects of your jewellery that you treasure the most; transforming it into a piece ready to be worn, admired from generation to generation.

The initial consultation is completely free, with no obligations, and we’ll use it to develop your ideas and begin to create something special together.

Helen Swan Designer Jewellery



What is a jewellery commission?


A good question to ask as this has a different meaning to different people.

When you commission a piece of fine jewellery, it’s usually because you like the artisans work and have ideas that you would like to have included: working to commission gives you a special opportunity to be involved in the design of your bespoke piece of handmade jewellery from the very beginning.

A commission works best if you have an idea of what you would like made: a special ring, necklace or bracelet for example, or a piece of bespoke jewellery to reflect a birth or an anniversary.

Once we have had the initial consultation we will arrange a visit to my studio, which will help you to select your favourite features of my jewellery and visualise them merged with your own ideas. Together we combine your inspiration and my experience and produce a wonderful, original and handmade piece of bespoke fine jewellery.

Don’t worry if a visit to my studio isn’t possible, or you’re too busy, we can come to other arrangements during the initial consultation.



If you want to arrange a commission it’s really easy, click to find out how.



Bespoke Wedding Engagment Rings set

Engagement Rings

Inspiration for made-to-order bespoke rings can come from many sources: your own individual style or personality but most importantly purpose. An engagement ring for example

An Engagement Ring is an announcement that your relationship is about to be joined in marriage and traditionally uses a stone to reflect this. The stone and its size varies greatly depending on your budget and I am happy to give advice on the best way to proceed.

Often the wedding band is made to fit an engagement ring, but why not have a stone put into the wedding band to create a bespoke piece that can be both and combine your engagement and wedding ring within a single budget

Bespoke Wedding Engagment Rings set
Wedding and Engagement rings in yellow or white gold 9ct or 18ct buy designer jewellery from Helen Swan who has a studio in Glasgow Scotland Uk.

Wedding Rings

Your wedding is a special day, but your wedding or commitment rings will be worn for life. That’s why time and consideration should go into making your wedding ring unique, original and cherished.

After all, a ring is a symbol of your wish to be together. One that can hold a thousand and one memories of your life. Once upon a time deserves one of a kind.



To help realise your dream I provide a full bespoke jewellery commissioning service that lets you combine your style, personality and inspiration with my experience as an artisan of fine handmade jewellery.

Book now for a free initial consultation where we can go over your ideas and begin to create something truly special.

Wedding and Engagement rings in yellow or white gold 9ct or 18ct buy designer jewellery from Helen Swan who has a studio in Glasgow Scotland Uk.

Jewellery for your special day

You may also approach me for other wedding jewellery. Earrings, necklaces for you and your bridesmaids or cufflinks, kilt pin for groom and groomsmen,.

You may have a particular colour in mind or a pair of shoes to match, let me show you ideas that match your dreams for your big day.

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