Three in One Earrings



One pair of contemporary earrings, three ways to wear them:

The dome of the earring is placed behind the ear lobe and the stud earring goes on top and is held in place with the default style earring at the back.

The dome is inverted and worn in front of the ear with the stud earring on top. The long bar can also be worn on top of the dome with the whole dome exposed in front of the ear.

The stud earring of your choice is simply worn on its own.

The small style earring is approx. 10mm in diameter and the large version is 18mm.

Compliment with the Cup and Cube Ring.


Three in One Earrings

Quality Material

Each material is carefully sourced from trusted suppliers who provide quality materials which are fairly and ethically sourced. Every single piece of material is looked over carefully and selected to ensure the jewellery’s aesthetic and structural integrity.

Handmade to Last

Once I have selected materials, work will begin on the gradual process of handcrafting each unique part of the jewellery. Whether precision metalwork, stone setting or inlaying, my 30 years of experience in the craft of jewellery making is concentrated on every single design.

Perfectly Formed

Once each unique part of the piece has been created, I’ll begin to form the entire item: ensuring stone and metal; clasps and chain; pendant and necklace, stay together to be cherished for generations to come.


My jewellery is handmade to be unique, cherished and lasting. But, if something does go wrong, each piece is guaranteed for life under my fair use policy. That means if anything breaks I will fix it for you, free of charge.

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