Prince Georges Christening


Contemporary silver designer kilt pin designed and made by Helen Swan a  Glasgow jewellery designer whose studio is in Glasgow’s Westend

Hearing of Prince Georges christening today brought to mind the time when I was phoned at 10am on Boxing Day by a customer looking to buy a Kilt Pin. It turns out that he was his way to the christening of a close friend’s son and forgot all about a gift.

Needless to say I had a Kilt Pin ready and waiting for him as he arrived at my door.

That’s a big advantage of having my studio at home, I am open all hours.

You should take a look at my Kilt pins and Cufflinks, they can be engraved with a personal message.

For a baby girl, I have lovely baby bangles and pretty necklaces. It is however best to give me a bit more time than ten minutes, especially if you want it personalised

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