Craft Meets Contemporary


Earlier this year I had the pleasure of working with Paulin on their new watch design Neo.

Their goal was to build a completely handmade watch; combining contemporary materials and technology with the age old tradition of handmade jewellery making. 

I hand dyed each of the watch faces in either butterscotch yellow, gunmetal grey or sky blue.

What came together is really a beautiful piece of design, and it’s great to see young contemporary designers of Glasgow embrace an artisanal approach to their work.


Aluminium with an andosied finish is quite an unusual combination for a watch face to have – most are painted brass – but the anodisation allows for aluminium to absorb a lovely patina which is sealed into the material itself; providing a wear resistant finish. 

This is a process I’ve worked with on many of my own jewellery designs. There is a special pleasure of taking something industrial in sheets of aluminium, and turning it into something unique and beautiful.


 I think the outcome is an excellent example of precision, handmade design

You can read my interview with Paulin on the dying process of the Neo here.

 Or browse some of my own anodised contemporary jewellery below.



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