More progress on my studio refurbish

8th July 2013

Studio upgrade. Helen Swan Designer Jewellery
Studio upgrade. Helen Swan Designer Jewellery

I am upgrading my studio to complete the final transition  from my long lived teaching post to fully self employed.

The Next Stage:

The water is finally in and connected. I can’t believe, after the mess made to my garden, that the builders have put it back so tidily. You’ll not see the big “L” in the grass eventually. Is that “L”  significant I wonder?

You have to take a look at my new heating before you leave, It’s so good.Studio upgrade. Helen Swan Designer Jewellery

The new way forward is infrared panels. It radiates heat around the room.

I have put mine on the ceiling to free up wall space but it could be mounted onto the wall and disguised as a mirror. It’s a great idea for anyone like me who hates radiators.

More updates coming soon I hope!!

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