Helen Swan Designer Jewellery Exhibition gets under way.

Helen Swan Designer Jewellery Exhibition gets under way.

I had successful start to my Xmas Jewellery Exhibition when I revealed my new collection of contemporary jewellery
I like to hold these events as it gives the opportunity for a hands on experience. I realise the difficulty in selecting jewellery from my website so this lets my clients, present and future, see my designer collection of necklaces, bangles, brooches, earrings, kilt pins and much more in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

There is no pressure to buy anything, my jewellery exhibition is exhibited in my west end studio in Glasgow. I hope my clients like what they see and remember me throughout the year.
It also gives me the chance to demonstrate and explain my more unusual pieces, like my interchangeable necklaces and my newly designed interchangeable range of contemporary jewellery.
These pieces are unique to me and always look better worn than they do in a photograph and the unique mechanisms sometime need some explaining.

Designer Necklace by Helen Swan Designer Jewellery

Would like to see more of my range of designer necklaces, and contemporary jewellery?

You can contact me at Helen@hswanjewellery.co.uk or phone 0141 959 5586 to arrange a viewing.

My jewellery is not just for Xmas!

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