Father’s Day. Designer Necklace, why don’t you!

Father’s Day. Designer Necklace,

Why don’t you give your dad something special this year. A Designer Necklace, a Bespoke Finger Ring, or even an Ear Decoration- There is plenty of choice from studs and plugs to ear- cuffs.
Have you thought of a Money clip with a special message engraved or add a symbolic symbol to give a personal touch to something he will handle often.
Designer Necklaces for men can be made in different styles, depending on your dad’s preference. A plain chunky neck chain can be made in silver or gold as can a chunky bracelet in a matching style.
Designer Necklace

If your dad likes a finer style then a gold or silver  personal symbol hanging from a piece of leather  or a chain.  What about making it your star sign or that of his grandchild or something to symbolise a hobby.

If you would like more information please contact helen@hswanjewellery.co.uk

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