What is Contemporary Jewellery Design?

Contemporary jewellery design is the practice of making jewellery which is strongly rooted in the present; creating pieces which reflect our current cultures, attitudes to life and ways of working.

What is considered contemporary will vary from person to person; alot will depend on the artists intent while designing; but a good way to think about contemporary design is it is often what traditional fine jewellery is not.

Instead contemporary jewellery seeks to break away from old habits and trends; redefining what a ring, earring or necklace can be.

Old ways of working are thrown out; interesting materials are sought, and fresh ideas on traditional concepts are brought in. All of a sudden a beautifully simple and original piece is created whose like may never be seen before or after.

What was once predefined unfolds, opens up, and the world is abuzz with inspiration.

That’s why contemporary design is so wonderful for creating bespoke pieces which are custom made for a particular purpose or experience.

Ofcourse it helps to know the rules before you break them.

You can find out more about the basics of design and making of jewellery here.

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