Six Things to consider when commissioning a piece of jewellery

What is commissioning a piece of jewellery?

A jewellery commission works best if you have an idea of what you would like made: a special ring, earrings or bracelet for example

Inspiration for a made-to-order design can come from anywhere: your own individual style, personality or the jewellery’s purpose.

A wedding or commitment ring, for example, has to be worn for life, be individual and reflect the wearer’s personality; it’s a symbol of a couple’s wish to stay together forever. But don’t worry if your idea hasn’t come yet, I’ve put together some of my favourites from over the years to help you get started.

If you feel you have very specific requirements and are unsure of their feasibility, please know I am more than happy to give my full consideration to any idea.

Six Things to consider when commissioning a piece of jewellery:

  1. What is your budget? If a stone is involved the price can vary with the quality of the stone.
  2. What is your style, do you prefer geometric or natural flowing shapes?
  3. Do you have sketches or images that you would like to bring along to work from?
  4. What materials would you prefer, silver, yellow or white gold, which carat, platinum? Again the quality of materials will influence the price
  5. Do you want a stone? If so, what shape, size and colour will it be?
  6. Do you need the jewellery for an occasion? When is the occasion?

Please give plenty of time for a commission as it can take up to two months to complete.

What next?

Are you ready to treat yourself or your loved one to a special bespoke piece of jewellery?  If so, what to do next:

Contact me to start the process.  Email or phone to make an appointment, to discuss the feasibility of your jewellery project and its requirements.

  1. If your commission is a ring and you live near Glasgow then it’s best to visit me in my studio so I can take an accurate ring sizing.
  2. If a visit isn’t possible then a local jeweller should be able to measure your finger for a nominal fee.
  3. Another way is to purchase a ring sizer from my website.

Do you need some Inspiration for your jewellery commission?  Then check out our Bespoke Jewellery section.



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