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METAL FACTS: Facts about Metal

May 1, 2014



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Gold-bangle-with-Diamonds and Sapphires

Love Gold and Silver jewellery, then did you know that…..

Gold is one of the most popular jewellery raw materials because of its shine, longevity and softness. Silver was used as a jewellery material for over 6 thousand years.  Did you know that gold in it’s pure form (24 carats) is so soft that it bends easily like lead metal and has to be mixed with other metals to make durable jewellery? That is why gold comes in 18 carat gold, 14 carat gold, 10 carat gold, 10 carat gold being the one with less gold in it. Did you know that Platinum is one of the world’s strongest metals. It weighs 60% more than karat gold. Just holding it in your hand, you can feel the difference.   Not everyone can own Platinum jewellery because there simply isn’t enough of it in world. For example: all the Platinum ever mined would fit in an average sized living room The most common metal used for engagement rings is either White Gold or Platinum, however due to the rise in cost for these two types of metal Palladium is the new metal on the scene. Palladium is regarded as a precious metal and is a luxury alternative at a much cheaper price.





May 1, 2014




Gold and Diamond Earrings

Gold and Diamond Earrings by Helen Swan Jewellery


Diamonds by Helen Swan Jewellery

 Wait! What you should know before buying a diamond .

 GIA and IGI are two of the most respected diamond grading labs in the world. They grade diamonds so you know exactly what your buying. These diamonds are certificated

If the diamond you are buying has no certification ensure the company you are buying from has a good reputation for providing good quality stock and can guarantee themselves that it is good quality.

Other grading to look out for is EGL which offers strict diamond grading at an affordable price. If buying an in house  graded diamond, this can provide a very un-biased view  it may not have the same value as a Diamond with genuine certification but as mentioned above the retailer may have an excellent in house diamond grading expertise.

The GIA is a highly respected diamond grading laboratory. However, a diamond certificate is not a guarantee of the quality of the diamond. It is the opinion of a diamond grader presented on a piece of paper. The nature of diamond grading is that the grader makes an informed observation on the properties of the stone, which allows for variation between the certificates based on who the grader is.

A diamond certificate is in no way a guarantee of what you are getting. It is more important to purchase your diamond from a jeweller who is reputable and who you can trust. On un-laser marked stones, it is easy for a jeweller to say a certificate belongs to a particular stone and the customer has little way of proving otherwise”

You may want to consider buying your diamond online as you can make a saving of between 20 – 25% opposed to buying your engagement ring on the high street. UK business online will include sales tax at 20%. Cheaper online prices may be due to lower operating costs of the business. Tax may be saved if buying from another country and importing in. You may well get charged import tax (Duty) if picked up by customs though.

Once you have bought your Diamond then you can have a bespoke ring created for you personally. This may well be less expensive than the High Street options and much more individual



DIAMOND FACTS dispel some old myths and create some new

May 1, 2014



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Getting ready for Summer

Apr 25, 2014



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Aluminium and Silver-earrings

Getting ready for Summer This is another elegant and creative design from my versatile Three-in-One designer earring range. Three different options from one design. The Aluminium is dyed by Helen so the variety of colour is unlimited. The earrings displayed are  in  Natural,  Lime and Purple please so please state colour choice when ordering. Silver can be left  with or without oxidisation.

Each design is unique as you make the choices .

I hope you like my latest summery vibe

Jewellery Leisure Classes

Apr 13, 2014



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Jewellery Leisure Classes

Brand New at Helen Swan Designer Jewellery

Mar 21, 2014



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Constellation silver necklace. New jewellery for Mother's Day

Constellation Silver Earrings. NewJewellery for Mother’s Day by Scottish Jewellery Designer Helen Swan in Glasgow

Constellation Silver Necklace and Earrings

New jewellery for Mother’s Day by Scottish jewellery designer Helen Swan in Glasgow.

Helen Swan Collections

It’s a day when we show our mums how much we really appreciate them. Rather than the last minute chocolates or flowers, why not choose from our beautiful collection of limited edition and exclusive pieces at our boutique shop and online. From stunning cuffs and bracelets, to contemporary necklaces and brooches, we have something that every mum would be delighted to receive

A brand new design, launched in time for Mother’s Day.

Helen Swan Jewellery has something a bit special to offer this Mother’s Day. The bond between a mother and child is one of the strongest connections in nature and what better way to celebrate it than in a piece of cherished jewellery. Creating a piece of jewellery with the birth sign of a child is something mum can treasure forever. From necklaces, pendants, cuffs. and bangles, Helen is versatile in her designs ans is always happy to chat with customers one -to-one to create the perfect gift for mum.

Helen Swan is a mum too and enjoys creating ideas and designs within her jewellery that she knows other mums would love to unwrap.

In contemporary jewellery today it can often be what’s hidden within a design. A zodiac star constellation can be blended into a bespoke necklace or bracelet for mum this Mother’s Day to create a custom-made, unique and personal pieces of jewellery that will be hers and hers alone. It’s all about making mum feel special.

Happy Mother’s Day from Helen Swan Jewellery








Emerald Ball Charity Event

Mar 20, 2014



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Helen Swan Designer Jewellery

The Emerald Ball Charity Event tomorrow Friday 21st. March 2014

I’m looking forward to meeting the person who wins my raffle donation of a fifty pound jewellery voucher at tomorrow evenings  Emerald Ball

The voucher can be exchanged for a piece of jewellery from my collection or it could be put toward a special bespoke piece of jewellery especially designed for the winner.

The other choice would be to use it to come to a taster session at my studio and make their own piece of bespoke jewellery.

If you would like to buy a Voucher, just select a value and send me an email. A great present to give.

Metal Patination Techniques

Mar 11, 2014


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Helen Swan Anodised Aluminium Jewellery

Metal Patination Techniques by Matthew Runfola.

A lovely surprise awaited me when I returned from my recent holiday. There, on the table, lay my first venture into the printed world of publishing.

It was a real thrill to find 3 pieces of my Anodised Aluminium Jewellery collection selected and presented in full colour for all to see. Great book

The book is also very interesting and covers the many techniques of metal patination in a very comprehensive and extensive way with lots of good illustrations and advice. Ideal for any jeweller with an interest in this.

Leisure Class 2: Texture

Feb 5, 2014



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Leisure Class


Today we looked at ways of adding texture to the surface of metal . This adds contrast with textured and shiny metal but also emphasises particular areas of interest

There are many ways to create texture and this lesson, in particular, we looked at the effects  punches and roll-printing produced.

Some clients turned their samples into brooches with pleasing effect.

I also demonstrated soldering which will expand our creations over the next few weeks . Just wait and see.

Leisure Classes

Jan 31, 2014



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Leisure Class

Leisure Class

leisure class

Pendant Leisure Class

 2014.  It’s the start of a New Year and A new era for me.

My Leisure Classes started this week with my six week beginners session.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon for all involved  and I really loved being back in front of a class again.

Using the technique of Piercing, we made a brooch and pendant. Not bad for a 3hr session.

Next week we are looking at Texture. Watch this space to see what they make