9 Important Facts you should know About Pearl Jewellery

Known for their lustrous sheen and valuable status, pearls have been the world’s favourite organic gemstone in jewellery for centuries. Pearls of the finest quality have been highly valued as objects of beauty for thousands of years and due to this, the word ‘pearl’ has become metaphorical for something very rare, admirable and beautiful.

It thus seems only natural that we use the pearl in fine jewellery and here, we present some interesting facts about them:

1.Pearls are the only gemstone made by living animals                                 Pearl Jewellery

2.They grow in a Pearl farm which is known as ‘periculture’.

3.Each has a personality of their own so it would appear! Pearls lose their lustre if they’re not worn,
so if you neglect them, they begin to dull. Wear them often

4.Pearls take their colour from the inside of the shell in which they are growing. Colours range from white to gold, and from purple to black.

5.You can tell authentic pearls from counterfeit ones. Simply rub them between your teeth and genuine pearls will feel gritty, while fake ones feel smooth

6.They are soft gemstones and so are not suitable for hard-wearing pieces such as engagement rings as they will scuff and damage easily. Only suitable for dress rings, brooches, necklace or jewellery for special occasions

7.Every pearl is unique. No two are alike and all have individual imperfections. Which makes them so special

Pearl Jewellery


They have been precious and worn for centuries
8. Cleopatra won a bet that she could provide Marc Antony with a banquet costing more than the assets of a country. She took off a pearl earring, dissolved it in wine and drank it.

Did you know that
9.In 1916, Jacques Cartier bought his 5thAvenue store by exchanging two pearl necklaces for the land.Pearls are the only gemstone made by living animals.

I love pearls! Do you have any interesting facts that you can add to this, I would love to know of them.
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