MARCH- Birthstone Aquamarine

A March born shall always be
Soothes by aqua, gem of sea,
This mermaid’s treasured stone you’ll wear,
Will bring happiness, love, affection and care



The aquamarine is the birthstone of the month of March and goes (very swimmingly…) hand in hand with the zodiac pieces, a water sign. It is a variety of what is known as ‘beryl’, a mineral composed of beryllium and aluminium cyclosilicate and its hexagonal crystals can be both very small or range to several meters in size. Fermented crystals of the gemstone are exceedingly rare.

The gem gravel placer deposits of Sri Lanka contain aquamarine, where it is mined and it can also be found in the United States, South America and Africa.

Its name is derived from the Latin term ‘aquamarina’, meaning ‘water of the sea’ as it is one of the only gemstones found with almost perfect clarity. For use in jewellery, aquamarine needs to be ‘eye flawless’, meaning it must have no impurities that can be seen from the naked eye.

It is hard-wearing and unlike its close relative, emerald, aquamarine is not brittle and so can be cut any way!

And now for this month’s three interesting facts!

Were you aware that…

The biggest aquamarine stone ever discovered was in Brazil in 1910 and weighed a staggering 243 pounds!
It was then cut into smaller stones, yielding over 200,000 carats.

Keeping in theme with all things nautical. It is unsurprising that according to folklore, aquamarine is said to protect sailors at sea.
Many sailors have believed for generations that the stone holds powers to return them home safely.

And for this month’s final interesting facts…

Aquamarine is believed to hold the power to increase youth, intelligence, courage, happiness and even reduce the effect of poison…

Those of you Arians are in for a treat next month as we discover more about the most desired precious stone of all as three interesting facts returns with some dazzling facts about the diamond.


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Written and researched by Hazel Martin for Helly and Haz of Helen Swan Designer Jewellery

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