3 Important facts about selling your old diamond or wedding ring.

Have you some old diamond or gold rings that you just don’t use anymore or have a spouse you got rid of and now you want to get rid of the ring?
Keep in mind some diamond and gold rings have better value than others. Metal type, metal quality known as carat, type of stone, stone clarity and stone size are just a few of the many things that can change the final value of the ring.
Here are some important facts to help you sell that ring!

Get The Rings Valued

Firstly be realistic in the asking price. The best way to accurately price your old diamond engagement ring is to have it appraised and valued. This will ensure that the price you are asking is reasonable and also provide you with concrete evidence as to the true worth of your diamond engagement ring or gold wedding ring when selling it. Selling your rings will be a much easier thing to do if you know how much they are worth and price it accordingly. Remember, it’s not what you think it is worth. It’s what other people think it’s worth.

Get The Rings Cleaned

It will be a good idea to have the rings cleaned prior to selling. Like any other piece of jewellery or any item for that matter, it will look best when presented in the most favourable light, i.e. nicely cleaned with the diamonds sparkling. Having your ring cleaned is easy to do and won’t cost a lot of money but take it to a reputable jeweller. It is well worth getting it looking as nice as possible prior to offering it up for sale. The nicer the ring looks, the more money you may make from the sale.

Examine Different Ways to Sell Your Diamond Engagement Ring

Examine different ways to sell your Diamond Engagement Ring, you may be wondering which is the best way to do this. The answer will depend on various factors such as the demand for diamond engagement rings in your area, the price of the ring and how you would like to sell the ring. No matter how you decide to sell your ring, you should thoroughly examine the sales possibilities and if selling through eBay, another individual or company, make sure that the seller is a legitimate and reputable one.
If you decide to list your ring on eBay, look around other listings and see what people are doing. Look at completed listings to see which rings that are comparable to yours have sold and what their listing and title looked like. Ebay searches keywords on the listing title, so the right words will get you more views. If your listing title simply reads ‘diamond ring size M it might not get very many hits or interest.
Pictures are a big key as well. A good camera with a Macro mode will be needed. Good lighting is also a must, as you want your ring to look its best!

Don’t Take It to Any “We Buy any Gold” Places

The last thing you want to do is take it to one of those ‘We buy Gold’ places. They will only give a very small fraction of the ring’s real value. Most will tell you that they are not interested in the stone and not pay you for it.

There is Another Option for your Diamond or Gold Rings

Bring your Past into the Present;

The Circle of Life

Your gold and diamond rings can be used to create a bespoke piece of jewellery

Add in other unwanted gold jewellery and a larger contemporary piece can be created. You retain the emotion behind the jewellery while giving it a new lease of life. Be it a new bespoke gold and diamond ring, a bespoke necklace or a pair of designer gold and diamond earrings.
Reacquaint yourself with the joy of these adored pieces by giving them a contemporary twist.
You will never part with these keepsakes but you can’t enjoy them either if they are too outdated to wear. What better way to show your appreciation for an heirloom or a once cherished gift than making a present of the past?


If you would like to discuss any of the above, We can help you combine your old jewellery to create new, preserving some of your old memories and giving them a new lease of life.
Allow us to help you solve you jewellery needs.

The Featured Designer, Bespoke Diamond and Gold Ring was in fact created from an old, unwanted gold and diamond ring

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Written and researched by Helen Swan for Helly and Haz of Helen Swan Designer Jewellery

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