3 Important facts about interchangeable jewellery

3 Important facts about Interchangeable Jewellery

Do you like value for money?
Then my interchangeable jewellery is for you.
Do you go from work to a social event?
Then my interchangeable jewellery is for you.
Do you like to add colour and glamour to an outfit?
Then my interchangeable jewellery is for you.
My Interchangeable jewellery in silver with anodised aluminium will take you from season to season, outfit to outfit, add glamour when necessary and all from a single piece of jewellery.
Gift problems can be eased. Buy one basic designer interchangeable necklace, brooch or earrings and the unique interchangeable sections can be collected and added too for years.

HOW? I hear you ask.

My uniquely designed jewellery allows you to slot in or add another design element by a very simple process. Simply remove the o-ring and slip in another colour or bespoke precious metal section. The added sections will then match an assortment of outfits.
Add Oomph to black and white or neutral colours, add a zing with a wine accent of colour to an olive green outfit. Contrasts can really works

Add some glamour!

Adding gold and precious stones to your interchangeable jewellery, changes it into an expensive, glamorous piece for your LBD: little black dress.
If you are going straight out from work, match a colour to your daytime outfit and add bling for your evening one by adding your precious metal section.

Holidays couldn’t be simpler.

When going on holiday, it couldn’t be simpler, instead of a bag of jewellery, take you key interchangeable jewellery pieces. Your designer brooch, contemporary necklace and earrings add several interchangeable sections and this will ring the changes for the duration, especially useful with the luggage restrictions.


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My Interchangeable Jewellery Collection, is just one of my ranges. If you would like to see more why not contact me at helen@hswanjewellery.co.uk or go to www.hswanjewellery.co.uk.

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