3 Important Facts about Contemporary Pewter Kilt Pins

I have just introduced a new exciting range to my Contemporary Kilt Pin Collection at Helen Swan Designer Jewellery.
Instead on owning a Designer Silver Kilt Pin you can now be the proud owner of a Contemporary Pewter one.
Silver is very expensive and I thought I would source an alternative to it. Pewter allows me to supply large kilt pins but at a fraction of the cost so it gives you an option on price and a choice of metal.
The only disadvantage is the contemporary pewter kilt pin cannot be personalised in the same way that a silver kilt pin can. Silver Kilt Pins can be engraved with a personal message to commemorate a special occasion however a Pewter one could have a commemorative card placed in the box with a special message.

Advantages of Pewter

One advantage of pewter is, it never changes in appearance. As you know from my previous blog “Looking after your designer jewellery”, silver tarnishes.
Pewter Kilt Pins can also be oxidised to blacken them as with my Silver Kilt Pins.
This process is a chemical one and is permanent. This gives a nice alternative to a shiny, polished finish and matches the contemporary style of button found in the more contemporary style of Kilt Jacket

Myths about Pewter

A myth behind pewter is that it contains lead, this is not so, modern pewter is made of tin, bismuth, antimony, and sometimes copper or silver.
It is a softer metal than Silver but polishes well.


Thanks for reading my article on 3 Important Facts about Contemporary Pewter Kilt Pins.
You can read more about Pewter at “What is Pewter”
My new range of Contemporary Pewter Kilt Pins can now be found on my website, I hope you like them. If you would like to know more please contact me on helen@hswanjewellery.co.uk and look out for my next blog. You can join my newsletter at www.hswanjewellery.co.uk if you would like to keep up with my latest products and offers

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