3 in 1 Earrings


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These earrings give three different style options.

1. The dome of the earring is placed behind the ear lobe and the stud earring goes on top of the lobe and is held in place with the normal style earring back.

2.The dome is inverted and worn in front of the ear with the stud earring on top. This style is more suited to the small decoration . The long bar can also be worn on top of the dome with the whole dome exposed in front of the ear.

3. The stud earring of your choice is worn on its own. The small style earring is approx. 10mm in diameter and the large version is 18mm.

ER6 is the silver dome with black domed backing,  ER7 small black dome with leaf shaped stud.  ER8 Large black dome with long silver stud,  ER9 large polished silver dome with long black line. The codes rotate clockwise ending with ER10 which is the small black inverted dome with the curved silver bar. Please contact me if you are unsure which option to select.

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