Jul 4, 2012



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Helen Swan Contemporary Glasgow Jewellery Designer from Scotland, specialising in bespoke designer jewellery in silver, silver with gold and silver with anodised aluminium.

I’m Helen Swan, a Scottish jewellery designer with 30 years’ experience in jewellery and silversmithing. From my studio in Glasgow’s West End I work with a variety of precious and semi-precious materials like gold, silver and diamonds as well as less conventional materials including brass, aluminium and rubber. My jewellery is mostly contemporary and my designs evolve as I’m influenced by new ideas, trends and fashions.

I’m also inspired by you.

When I make a piece of jewellery I always have my customer in mind. What would you find exciting to wear and make you stand out from the crowd?

 I often use techniques that differ from traditional jewellery making methods to ensure your pieces have that ‘little something extra’ you require. I’m inspired by the ergonomics of jewellery and how a piece designed with the body in mind can create quite stunning results.

 How unusually crafted jewellery sits to perfection on your wrist or neck is one of my specialities. I love to create unique mechanisms for clasps that whilst unconventional, integrate with the overall design to create statement pieces which are both eye catching and wearable.

Helen Swan’s imaginative and elegant jewellery is a world away from anything you’ll find on the high street. Her designer bespoke jewellery puts you at the heart of the design.  Call to discuss designs and price tiers.

I have always enjoyed working with the ergonomics of a piece of jewellery. I design with the body in mind, trying to engineer new ways of attaching the jewellery and thus creating mechanisms that are unconventional but integrate with the overall design.

By using a variety of materials, precious and non-precious, combinations of gold and silver and both shiny and matt surfaces, the variations in structure, tone and texture allow me to be innovative and to create statement pieces which are both eye catching and wearable. Using similar materials and textures throughout enables several pieces of jewellery to be worn in combination allowing the wearer to create their own individual style.

More recently I have been making bespoke pieces of jewellery from sentimental pieces that have been inherited by my clients. Thus retaining the emotion behind the piece. ( see blog for comments with regard to this ).

If you would like more information about this contact me on Helen Swan Designer Contemporary Jeweller from Glasgow, Scotland