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SWIB: Meet a member

Feb 7, 2013


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Scottish Jewellery Designer, Designer Jewellery Glasgow, Designer Jewellery Scotland

As published in February 2013  issue.

meet a member:   Helen Swan, Helen Swan Designer Jewellery I’m Helen Swan of Helen Swan Designer Jewellery. I started my business in Glasgow, Scotland in 2009, designing elegant, contemporary jewellery in combinations of Silver, Gold and Anodised Aluminium. In my most recent collection I have introduced some rubber – just to spice it up a little.I have a variety of styles to match many outfits and occasions, especially my interchangeable range which can change colour and style with the minimum of effort and cost. I also design affordable bespoke jewellery and my Contemporary Kilt pins are a perfect gift for every occasion.Have you heard of my ‘Sentimental Jewellery’? I can transform your drawer of old, inherited, unwanted jewellery into pieces you will love and wear, retaining those special sentimental memories while substantially increasing its value.I design pieces that   are unusual yet wearable and I explore methods of attaching them to your body that are unconventional but appealing. The engineering of my work often inspires the design and everything is lovingly made with attention to detail and finish a priority.My fashion tip this season is Colour Blocking. Do it in style by adding a colourful piece of statement jewellery. It will be easier to wear, can be changed more often with less expense and can also liven up dark outfits on cold dark days.


Valentines Day

Feb 4, 2013



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My New collection has just started to arrive on my web pages. Take a look!


Valentines day… a day for romance, flowers champagne, chocolate or… a longer lasting less fattening alternative, a piece of beautiful jewellery from my  “Love Letters” collection.


Kiss of Life

Jan 31, 2013



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Silver and Gold designer heart necklace by Scottish Jewellery Designer Helen Swan

Just completed a lovely little necklace which I have donated for the raffle of the

Silver and Gold Designer Heart Necklace

Kiss Of Life Charity event on Fri.



The silver and gold necklace that I have designed for you today features a Heart, the theme for this event, emerging, golden, shiny and bright from the inter-twisting turmoil of life. Symbolising hope, a new start, new beginning: The Kiss of Life

Colour Blocking

Jan 26, 2013



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Colour Blocking this seasons must have fashion statement. It is so on trend and can be as subtle or bold as you wish. Try adding some oomph with a colourful necklace to liven up a dark winter outfit.

You can find this colourful necklace in the Necklace section of my website

Valentines Day

Jan 22, 2013



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Finished my new collection of Kilt Pins and Cuff Links today for a new website called Belle Brilliant, soon to be revealed. Can be seen at the  Wedding Show in February.

Now working on my new “LOVE LETTERS” collection for Valentines Day. XXXX

Watch this space in your looking for LOVE!

Kilt Pins

Jan 18, 2013



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Fri. 18th Jan 2013.

I’m just off to my studio to spend the day creating a new range of Kilt Pins and Cufflinks for an exciting new project being developed by Twinkle Twinkle Tiaras.

If Burns Night celebrations require something special, take a look at this. Kilt Pins

January 2013

Jan 14, 2013



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It’s a new start to the year and this is one of my resolutions…  maintaining my Blog.

So here goes.

2012 was a interesting and adventurous year. I met lots of new, lovely, creative people and  I hope 2013 will be even better.

Burns Night  starts the year off and my collection of Kilt pins are a great gift for every occasion.

. Take a look. Helen

Xmas Show

Nov 13, 2012



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13th November 2012

Great weekend! Jewellery Show presenting my latest collection has just finished, great catching up with friends and new clients. Lots of work to do now before Xmas so it’s heads down.   See you January!

Jewellers never  have nice nails during the festive season, they are filed and polished to extreme!

Silver Bangle


New Arrivals at Kilmalcolm

Oct 5, 2012



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Left at Kilmalcolm

5th Oct 2012 A new venture for me! I set up my new showcase of unique jewellery at Arlene Mitchells in Kilmalcolm today. I have designed a unique range in Brass, Aluminium, Quartz and Rubber especially for this venture. It’s never been seen before. What an exciting busy week this has been. Helen

Inter-changeable Brooch and Brass Bangle

Oct 4, 2012



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Helen Swan Interchangeable Jewellery

I will be at the Skypark in Glasgow as guests of Pocapoc Creative on Thursday the 4th October. This is the launch of my new website and new “Made to Wear Range” of designer contemporary jewellery, It’s never been seen before.

Some of my old favourites and my unique range of Interchangeable Brooches, Necklaces, Earrings and Cufflinks will also be there

It’s from 12-2pm. Come along to view it here but there will be other opportunities later in the year.

Look out for that!